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At Solar Analyzer we believe that America deserves a better, brighter future and we believe that affordable alternative energy is the future.

We believe that solar power is the answer to dropping dirty energy and helping end the dependence on fossil fuels.

And we want to put the power of the sun back into the hands of the people.

Utilizing technology and connections previously only available to industry insiders, we have made our proprietary and leading-edge instant online solar calculator free and easy to use for any American homeowner that wants to see just how much going solar can save them.

Find out how much your home could save with Solar Analyzer’s instant solar calculator now

With Solar Analyzer, homeowners all across the U.S can gain instant “insider access “to:

  • Extremely accurate estimates of the total savings they should expect to see with solar (many residents cut their electric bills down to $0.00)
  • How much they can drop their dependence on dirty energy from “Big Energy”
  • The available Federal and local incentives that will cut down their installation costs by up to 50%
  • The impact going solar will have on the environment
  • How much they stand to save over the lifetime of their solar power system.
  • How much adding solar will increase the value of their home.

And all of this can be in hand in as little as 90 seconds.

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Average Power Bill: $120/month



How does Solar Analyzer work?

The Solar Analyzer system automatically taps into over 17 data providers, allowing a homeowner instant access to extremely accurate estimates of how much money they’ll be able to save every month by installing a Solar system.  

Homeowners could see their home electric bill drop to 0.00 a month and some states may even pay them for generating electricity.

But Solar Analyzer doesn’t just provide an estimate of how much a homeowner can save.

In addition to showing you your savings instantly, [Solar Analyzer] will then pair you with a live local solar installation specialist that can help you save even more with local and state incentives as well as other options that could have you saving with solar from the second you flip the switch. And many homeowners do all of this while getting started with as little as $0.00 down.

Not just any Solar Installation company can be included in the Solar Analyzer system. They must be a proven 5 star rated Solar Installation company servicing the homeowner’s neighborhood.

Adding a home solar array to your residence is one of the smartest investments you can make for your home, your family, and your future.

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